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The Amazing Yeezy Desert Boots Fake

Inherited the Yeezy 500‘s highly recognizable shoe design, this pair of fake Yeezy Desert Boot is undoubtedly the most cost-effective style in the Yeezy family! The military boots are actually the traditional style of the Yeezy family, but the previous products are too “hardcore”. This Desert Boot integrates the concept of military shoes and boots into the design of the Yeezy 500, bringing a pair of practical and handsome street shoes.

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Like all Yeezy dad shoes, the girls are especially fond of them!

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These shoes are designed with a high-top design, and the sides of the tongue are fixed by elastic bands. The design of the shoelaces is also very functional, so it will have a good feeling of the wrapping when you wear them. You don’t have to worry about loose feeling when you buy them. there is no extra space in the shoe after you put them on foot if your feet are wide or the instep is high, be sure to buy a bigger one! Like the Yeezy 500, the insole is embedded with elastic foam for added comfort. The shoes are not soft, but they are not uncomfortable.

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The design of the sole is quite tough, and with the support of the tongue and the shoelace, these shoes should be stress-free for outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, and provide an excellent choice for the trend outdoor players. The 3M  bright stripe on the side of the shoe body naturally brings its own eye-catching effect in the low light environment, which makes the pair of shoes perfect.