Yeezy Basketball Shoes Reproduce Black Color!

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  • Yeezy’s first pair of basketball shoes will be officially released this month, which is undoubtedly once again igniting the fans’ expectations for this double-topic basketball shoe. The first color scheme was named “Quantum”, and this time the network again exposed a pair of all-black color.

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  • As the first pair of Yeezy basketball shoes, there are many similarities between the lines and the Yeezy 700, and the body is still spliced with a variety of materials. And it can be seen that Yeezy Basketball also has a translucent mesh material. In addition to the style of the Yeezy series, it has also made a lot of changes, and the recognition is still very high.

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  • The all-black version of the exposure makes this pair of shoes more mysterious. The midsole is still a rubber-enhanced Boost cushioning. As a basis for basketball shoes, the wear resistance should be improved accordingly.

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